Control, convenience & choice

When you need to print, you just want it to happen. At the touch of a button, without having to download print drivers, connect to print servers or search for an available device. Equitrac has developed intelligent software that allows secure and immediate printing with complete accountability to help control costs.
  • Monitor all print activity, allocating costs to individual users or departments
  • Recover costs by automatically billing clients for print related expenditure
  • Enhance document security with a card reader for swipe-and-release access to print jobs
  • Integrate seamlessly with multifunction printers and devices from a variety of manufacturers
  • Cut costs and reduce the burden on IT staff by eliminating the need for print drivers and servers
  • Offer convenience and choice, whilst encouraging responsible printing
  • Promote environmental awareness, saving on toner and minimising uncollected documents
  • Set quotas, enforce print rules and redirect print jobs to the most cost-effective devices
  • I-Queue creates a single print queue, which serves every user and every printer
  • Follow-You allows users to print from anywhere, anytime, and pick up the documents when and where they want
  • Capture & Send encourages users to print only what they need and scan when they can
Equitrac specialises in print management software for corporate, educational and legal enterprises.
Office Print Service

Equitrac Office (Business)

For companies who want to gain control of their printing by tracking usage and enforcing rules in order to reduce costs, maximise security and improve workflow.

Equitrac Express (Education)

Software specially designed for large print environments such as schools, colleges and universities, enabling users to print what they need, when they need it.

Equitrac Professional (Legal)

The ideal print solution for professional services (law firms, architects, PR agencies etc), allowing them to capture and accurately bill for client-related expenses.