A Paperless Office – Pipe Dream or Reality?

Old habits die hard

The concept of a paperless office is nothing new. Yet the average workplace is usually defined by a paper mountain (or two). While printers hum, photocopiers churn and filing cabinets overflow.

We are paper addicts: a generation who were taught to keep a copy of everything – just in case. The technology to go paperless exists but are we ready to embrace it? Innovative workflow tools mean we have the power to scan in our existing paper and eliminate the need for new paper enitrely! Thanks to highspeed broadband, cloud applications and high capacity storage, the sky’s the limit. But if fear of the unknown is holding us back – tot up the costs of printing out that paper mountain over the next five years!

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Managed Print Services to save money

When you think how much you spend on print production, including supplies and maintenance and outsourcing when you don`t have the right equipment for the job, isn`t it time to think again?

Print is too often seen as an unavoidable cost that’s never questioned. But, through managed print services, we can help you gain visibility of your print and control of your spending. We’ll streamline an operation that’s fundamental to the smooth running of your business, making it more efficient and cost effective.


What is Docuware?

When you really need your documents – and fast – the last thing you want to do is root around in the archives going through boxes of dusty files.

That`s where Docuware comes into its own. Archives have a habit of growing, and becoming hard to handle. Busy employees find it hard to keep track of the ever growing stack of paperwork, and it causes interminable headaches if something goes missing.

Docuware`s electronic document management solves the archiving problem, automatically scanning and storing documents for you. Here’s a video to show you how it works to make your working life a whole lot better….


Speedy solutions to age old problems

Impressing clients with your quick turnaround times is vital to keep your business ahead of the competition. But if you are still having to cope with mountains of paperwork the old fashioned way – think about going digital. It is easy to get to grips with the paper processing and stop your archiving spiralling out of control – which is where we come in.

These days, document workflow solutions offer a big business boost. Using the latest technology to capture and convert documents into digital form accurately and safely –we can help to get that job over and done with and sent to the right people for action!

Come and talk to us for an honest assessment of what your business needs and we can show you how swifter capture of information into digital form can help your workflow and so that information be traced reliably and stored. So you won`t have to add to the ever growing mountain of paper in the cellar. Paperless solutions enable more work to be done, more quickly, than ever before!


Is processing paper wasting your time

Did you know that one of the biggest time wasters in town is the paper management problem? If you have a lot of paper post coming or important documents to scan and save and if your staff are spending too much time scanning and filing digital copies of paperwork, these days there are new ways of handling it. With digital document workflow solutions and smart archiving you can do away with tedious man-hours feeding paper into scanners and filing with typos so that occasionally a valuable document ‘disappears’ into the system!

Modern document scanning and retrieval systems can make your company that much more competitive. Digital capture and archiving is accurate, GDPR compliant, swift and safe for storage and retrieval of documents, into digital format and can be auto-read so that they can be sent on to the right place or viewed without delay. And the powerful recognition software means that you can quickly find the information you need in historical documentation and information never gets `lost in the ether`.


Save on scanning and be more competitive

Scanning of documents and post is a frustrating, and timewasting occupation – and let`s face it – it`s only as reliable as the bored member of staff feeding the scanner! However, you can reduce your budget and hours spent on these time consuming tasks with automated paper management and document workflow solutions.

By processing more paperwork, faster, you will be more competitive and be able to please clients with your swift response time.

NSi Autostore recognition software makes scanning and archiving a cinch; you will never lose an important digital document through inputting errors or typos – and the job is done much faster. Each document isn`t merely copied, but analysed, tracked and allocated to the correct place immediately as well as being compliant with record management policies. So if you want to stop wasting valuable time and resources on paper management, let’s talk about your needs, and show you how to start saving money!

Document Workflow Solutions

DWS supports local autism fundraising event line

Autism Support Crawley are a volunteer-led group who offer support to parents and carers of people with autism or a social communication disorder. They currently help over 650 local families living within the RH postcode. Their services are so much in demand that in the last 4 years, their membership has grown from 40 to a staggering 580.

DWS have always supported the group as part of their community programme. Every year they donate a high value prize for their golf day raffle. This year, the gift of an Apple iPad helped the team raise more than £3,000.

The money raised allows the group to run monthly meetings and coffee mornings, and pays for the occasional guest speaker. The team also host pamper evenings and dinners, which are a much needed form of respite for both parents and carers.

“We’re delighted to help this cause,” says Phil Britton, Technical Director at DWS. “Autism Support do a fantastic job, providing parents and carers with the opportunity to share advice and support, in a relaxed, welcoming environment.”

Maria Cook, the group’s Chairman explains, “We’re now officially the best support group in Crawley, having recently been recognised at the inaugural Crawley Community Awards. It’s a massive achievement for us.” Maria’s son is autistic and she’s aware that the condition is often misunderstood.

Autism is a spectrum condition. For some it’s accompanied by a learning disability, yet others have above average intellectual ability. Some also experience mental health issues or other conditions. As autistic people are affected in different ways, they require different levels of support.

The characteristics of autism are generally divided into three main groups – social communication, social interaction and social imagination. Some may have limited speech. They often think that people mean exactly what they say or they struggle to understand body language. At times, they appear to behave strangely or inappropriately, since it’s not easy for them to express their feelings or needs. They may also find it hard to interpret other people’s actions or to predict what might happen next.

Autism is not an illness or a disease, so it cannot be ‘cured’. There are, however, a range of strategies and approaches that enable learning and development.

“We do what we can to help the local community”, says Phil. “We hope that our donation together with our efforts to increase awareness and understanding of autism will benefit the group.”

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What is NSi Autostore?

Not all information arrives in paper format. NSi Autostore is an award-winning solution for the capture and secure onward delivery of paper and electronic documents from multiple sources. Give us a call if you would like to save money and time and reduce errors when storing and retrieving documents.


Fed up with buying expensive ink and toner?

You are not alone; in fact recent studies have discovered that Ink per litre is more expensive than a litre of Channel No5 or a good bottle of Whisky.

Up until now once you purchased the network printer you are forced to buy expensive consumables to run the machine and when it breaks down you have to wait for an engineer.

Call DWS to find a more cost-effective solution to printing endless copies that takes the pain out of filing and shuffling mountains of paper.